Who will protect me from the wicked? Who will stand up for me against evildoers? Unless the Lord had helped me, I would soon have died. – Psalm 94:16-17


“Who will stand up for me against the evildoers?” This is a simple question, but God truly has a difficult time finding even one man who will be the first to take a stand against evil and injustice.

Deborah waited for Barak to have the courage to stand up against the evil oppression of Jabin and Sisera (Judges 4). Often we cry to God for relief from the enemy, but God is waiting for us to arise and get involved in the spiritual warfare. Deborah blessed those who took the lead and willingly offered themselves (5:2). In that crucial moment when God was delivering their enemy into their hands, some, like the Reubenites, stood back. Because they were so interested in their sheep, they were very indecisive. All they had was “great searchings of heart”

(5:16 KJV), but no action.

It is easy to remain seated in our comfort zones and analyze why we should let someone else fight the Lord’s battles. Today is the day God is defeating our enemies. Who among us will rise up first?