. . . The Spirit of the Lord began to take hold of him. – Judges 13:25


Samson’s whole ministry resulted from the Holy Spirit’s coming upon him in power (Judges 14:19). Without that power, he was weak and insignificant. Jesus’ ministry also began with the power He received from His baptism in the Holy Spirit (John 1:32). How dare we think that we can enter ministry and be effective for God without the same power released in us! If the Son of God never performed a miracle or preached a sermon without that power, we certainly should wait upon the Lord for it as well.

All ministry has its basis in the Person and power of the Holy Spirit as He enters our lives and brings us into a deeper dimension. The Holy Spirit stirred Samson. This stirring literally means “to agitate,” “to trouble,” and “to move.” Samson was moved from the normal pattern of life and into the role of delivering Israel from the Philistines. The inward stirring and agitation of God against the oppression of the enemy is where the power of God is released. Allow the Holy Spirit to come upon you now and stir you to fulfill your destiny!


Even in his own land and among his own people, he was not accepted. – John 1:11

Rejection cuts deeply into the soul of man. To be rejected by one’s own family and others can wound a person to the very core. Jephthah, son of a prostitute, knew what it was like to be rejected (Judges 11:2). His half brothers sent him away to the land of Tob simply because of his background. He had done nothing to deserve such rejection.

Often we are rejected because of factors beyond our control. Nevertheless, the pain of rejection makes us lash out at those who have hurt us, especially when they reach out to us for help later on. Our response is frequently like Jephthah’s: “Why do you come to me now, when you’re in trouble?” (Judges 11:7).

Jesus Christ knew the pain of rejection to the fullest. The entire nation turned its back on Him, for He was “despised and rejected—a man of sorrows, acquainted with bitterest grief” (Isaiah 53:3).

Have you ever come to your friends or family with a loving witness, only to have it flung back into your face? Love them anyway. One day, like Jephthah’s brethren, they will come knocking on your door. When they do, give them a glimpse of the love of Christ in you.

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