If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad. – 1 Corinthians 12:26


Paul shows us that we are a totally interrelated body, not just independent parts thrown together. No part of the human body can continue to function normally when one part is in pain. The whole body focuses its attention on the area afflicted. In the same way, Mordecai sent word to Esther not to think that just because she lived in the palace she would escape the sentence of death imposed on the Jews (Esther 4:13). If she did not help, she would be destroyed, too.

Our influences and gifts are given to us by God to help others for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Let us take inventory of the positions, finances, and grace of God in our lives and see whom those gifts were intended to help. If we keep them for ourselves and do not identify with those in need, we will cry for help one day and no one will respond.

Because Esther was obedient, the words of David’s psalm came true in the case of Haman: “Look! They have fallen! They have been thrown down, never to rise again” (Psalm 36:12).


When Haman saw that Mordecai would not bow down or show him respect, he was filled with rage. So he decided it was not enough to lay hands on Mordecai alone. Since he had learned that Mordecai was a Jew, he decided to destroy all the Jews throughout the entire empire of Xerxes. – Esther 3:5-6

Society’s hatred for the Jews has always been extreme and inexplicable. The magnitude of their suffering defies reason. The fact remains, however, that Satan knew salvation (Jesus) would come from the Jews, and thus he sought at every turn to destroy the Jewish people.

The Jews’ worship of the true God and their rejection of idolatry led Mordecai to refuse to worship any human being (Esther 3:5). Haman’s well-conceived plot looked foolproof, but God had been engineering a rescue operation about which Haman knew nothing. Working her way up to the right hand of the king was a little orphan (Esther), who would ultimately be the tool of deliverance in the hand of God.

Satan is enraged by anyone who refuses to bow down and worship him, and he will do whatever he can to destroy such a person. Satan’s best plans, however, are no match for God, who knows the end from the beginning and the “way out” of the problem before the “way in” even existed!

Stand still and wait on God, for He has known the solution to your problem since before it came into existence!

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