They must be set apart to God as holy and must never dishonor his name. After all, they are the ones who present the offerings to the Lord by fire, providing God with his food, and they must remain holy. – Leviticus 21:6


The requirements for the priesthood were extremely high. Priests were separated unto God and restricted as to whom they could marry because they had “been made holy by the anointing oil of . . . God” (Leviticus 21:12). The high priest could not even touch a dead body or mourn for a dead parent. His emotions, priorities, and focus were restricted by his walk in the anointing.

Walking away from sin is not a difficult choice for those of us who understand how precious is the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We cannot walk, touch, and marry as we choose. We willingly restrict our lives in order to avoid grieving the Holy Spirit of God. Others may be able to compromise their lifestyles with seemingly no penalty, but our choices all center on keeping His anointing. We are totally devoted unto God. Our lives are our ministries, and our callings are our priorities.

On the Mount of Transfiguration, Christ’s anointing shone through His very garments (Mark 9:3). So strong was the anointing that demons ran when confronted with it (v. 26). Is it worthwhile to desire that kind of anointing? Absolutely! Receive it, walk in it, and minister in it. Nothing in life is as precious as the anointing.