Then Rebekah and her servants mounted the camels and left with Abraham’s servant. – Genesis 24:61


Rebekah’s journey to meet Isaac is an inspiring lesson in devotion to the unseen. Although she had never seen Isaac, Rebekah willingly separated from her family for life. There was no courtship, no “trial period,” and no way home! A thousand-mile camel ride stood between her family and her decision to marry Isaac.

As though leaving her family was not enough, Rebekah embarked on one of the roughest journeys a bride could ever face, involving weeks of camelback travel over harsh desert terrain. All her endurance was based upon the servant’s description of Isaac. No wonder Isaac’s heart was filled with love for this bride when he saw the camels approaching (Genesis 24:63-67)!

In the same way, Jesus is looking for His Bride. He is looking for a Church that is willing to separate forever from its family and follow after Him. His Church must be able to endure hardship on its journey through the desert of life. The Church presses on toward heaven with one motive: devotion to Jesus.

Get on your camel one more time, for this may be the day you see your long-awaited Bridegroom!