Happy are those whom you discipline, Lord, and those whom you teach from your law. – Psalm 94:12


Although the word discipline may create a negative connotation in our minds, it is actually quite a positive principle. In our flesh, we are content to do as we please, say what we want, and live how we feel. Discipline, however, gets our flesh in order. It is like putting a train on its track. The train has far more freedom on the track than it would have if it were trying to be free off the track!

How it offends us to be in public with someone whose child is totally unruly and undisciplined! It is an embarrassment to the family and to the child. Conversely, when children know their places, their boundaries, and their limitations, they experience real freedom and security. Disciplined children are a blessing both to themselves and everybody else.

God, as our Father, wants to train us. He is willing to confront us and help us change areas of our lives that bring shame upon the Kingdom of God. Because of His concern and love for us, He says, “But I must discipline you; I cannot let you go unpunished” (Jeremiah 46:28).

Discipline is a blessing! Put yourself in the hands of the Lord, and remember that His discipline is not rejection, but genuine acceptance.