The Lord had defeated the gods of Egypt that night with great acts of judgment! – Numbers 33:4


Israel realized that the gods of Egypt that had held them captive for so long were defeated through the ten plagues. For example, the “god of the Nile” was defeated when the mighty river was turned to blood (Exodus 7:20-21), and the “sun god” was defeated by the darkness that fell upon the land (Exodus 10:21-23). After the final plague concerning the firstborn, the Israelites were free to go. Triumphantly they left the land of their captivity. They did not slither out of town or run for their lives in the night. Instead, they “left defiantly, in full view of all the Egyptians” (Numbers 33:3).

As New Testament believers, we have the same privilege of boldness as did the Israelites. Jesus has conquered our enemies: “The time of judgment for the world has come, when the prince of this world will be cast out” (John 12:31). Therefore, we should exhibit the same boldness against the devil as did Jesus when He openly ordered the demon to “be silent” (Luke 4:35). Jesus saw sickness and demonic possession as an unfair encroachment of the enemy, and so should we.

Rise up today and boldly break free from Satan’s chains and bondage. The price has been paid for your freedom. Purpose to serve Pharaoh no more!


The Lord had defeated the gods of Egypt that night with great acts of judgment! – Numbers 33:4




O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. – Psalm 63:1

Jesus spent His first forty days after baptism in the wilderness east of Jerusalem. Far from the distractions of life, He passed through the fires of temptation and learned total dependence upon God.

Moses said to Israel, “Anything made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, tin, or lead—that is, metals that do not burn—must be passed through fire in order to be made ceremonially pure” (Numbers 31:22-23). Nothing is acceptable to God unless it has been passed through the fire. Temptation proves the quality of your “metal.” Though Jesus was severely tempted three times by the devil, He came forth as purest gold.

While Jesus was passing through the temptation, a second dynamic was taking place in His life: He was drawing into close communion with the Father. His soul and His body, though fasting, were satisfied with “more than the richest of foods” (Psalm 63:5) as He learned to cling to God (v. 8) in close communion.

These two lessons are our greatest challenges: “Resist the Devil” and “draw close to God” (James 4:7-8). Are you ready for the lessons of the wilderness?

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